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Sunday, March 06, 2005
"The Joy of Life is Death to America"
We have written before, more than once, about public diplomacy. Many of you already know that it is my opinion that America's efforts are not enjoying great success. The Mullahcrocy in Iran, on the other hand, is doing everything they can to get the word out to the masses. The following video clips are worthy of Michael Moore. They are slick, effective and frightening. As propaganda they are excellent. We know that satellite receivers abound in the ME. What are we beaming into those dishes? Nothing to compare to the following, I am willing to bet. We are losing the war of ideas on the airwaves to pieces like these, from the indispensable MEMRI TV (note the following links go right to the video clips, for access to transcripts click here):

The World Without America- a jihad recruiting video produced by the Conference of the Union of Islamic Students in Iran. Here is a portion of the transcript:
Oh sleepy ones, oh distracted ones, wake up and look around you: You have built your house near wolves' dens. Rise, this is no place to sleep. We must shout: Rise up soon because the world is not safe from the hunter. America is lurking for you, and will not give up until it destroys you completely. Indeed, if there was a global mobilization of Muslims, would anyone dare to be so impudent and act so cruelly towards the spiritual offspring of the Messenger of Allah?

"The Scheme of Thais" - Anti-American Music Video- MEMRI provides the context:
The Iranian news channel IRINN TV broadcast a between-program music video produced by the television department of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Thais was a Greek courtesan who joined Alexander the Great on his campaign, and, according to one story, persuaded him to set fire to Persepolis. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard's song shows the Statue of Liberty as Thais.

Anti-America Clip on Iranian TV- no transcript. Just watch it.

9/11, Pearl Harbor Planned by U.S. – a portion of the transcript:
Iranian political expert Manouchehr Mohammadi: There are many events like these in American history. It has been proven that the Japanese military attack on Pearl Harbor and on the American war ships was planned in advance and implemented with the authorization, support, and encouragement of US President Roosevelt. They needed a pretext such as this to enter WW II and in order to affect public opinion so it would give its consent to enter the war. The exact same thing happened on 9/11. This (tactic) is not used only by Hitler and George Bush. All the influential people and all the arrogant politicians need this pretext in order to carry out their aggression.

Iranian TV Compares President Bush to "Mr. Hitler" - a portion of the transcript:
In his book Mein Kampf, Mr. Hitler explicitly referred to this, and when Goebbels wrote the Nazi party's platform, Hitler said to him: "Whenever you make a decision, the people will not be involved. Either the people is [sic.] with you or against you." This is exactly what Mr. Bush is saying today, following the events of 9/11.

Footage from the 26th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution Demonstrations- a portion of the transcript:
Reporter: Look how our young generation, our middle generation, and our elderly they have all come to create a most beautiful epic. This toddler has the final word. Mr. Taheri, please zoom in on our dear child so we can see what he is saying.
Demonstrator: Death to…
Toddler: America.
Reporter: Yes. we'll teach our children

"Satan" – Anti-American Iranian Music Video – a portion of the transcript:
By the law of the jungle he deploys his armies. He slaughters children using horrifying bombs in the name of peace he invades the country He mobilizes hatred, and spreads corruption.
By the law of the jungle he deploys his armies. He slaughters children using horrifying bombs, in the name of peace, he invades the country, He mobilizes hatred, and spreads corruption.

I know that a number of our readers don’t believe that Public Diplomacy can be effective. Let's just call it what it needs to be: propaganda. Propaganda is a powerful tool, and we need to learn how to use it. It is too late to try to convince a man of the truth when he already believes the lies.

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