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Friday, November 04, 2005
My blogiversary project.
It is almost our one year blogiversary here at The Daily Demarche, and I figured what better way to celebrate than with another group blog project. You may recall that we first organized one on the topic of "What if We Had Never Invaded Iraq" and then another called "The China Syndrome: 2015 and beyond" (that one ran to several editions).

Well, it is time to put on your speculating caps again, ladies and gentlemen. This time I propose another Iraq related topic: what if we brought the troops home tomorrow, as those who oppose the war clamor for? What would the future of Iraq, the Middle East and the United States look like?

I sent invites out to those bloggers who have participated in the past (those I have good e-mail addresses for, anyway), and any others who send us e-mail and are now on "the list." I am now tossing it out to all of you, too. I'll be glad to host guest pieces for the non-bloggers who want to contribute, and My Blog is Your Blog (a project of mine that never really took off) is always at your disposal.

I am aiming for a Sunday/Monday post date for my offering, to allow time to work on it and to coordinate with any others who are interested, but any post any time after Sunday is welcome. Feel free to twist or run with the theme- the more variations the better. Let me know if you are interested, and if you do post on this theme be sure to send me an e-mail or a trackback so I can link to you.

Cheers, Dr. D

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My blogiversary project.


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