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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Submit and Convert.
Before I begin this post let me put one last call out for posts for The China Project- I am planning this weekend to consolidate everything into an archive and put a permanent link up for it in the side bar. There is some great stuff in there- and even more over at Winds of Change on the same topic. Thanks again to everyone who contributed, feel free to keep sending stuff in to us.

Now onto the new post:

First the radical element of Islam (who we are assured over and over is a small subset) threatened to block elections in Iraq, while many of the unable-to-play-nice-with-others chose to boycott.

Now as our British friends gear up for their forthcoming elections those who envision the translation of Islam as “Submit…or else” are doing their best to suborn the moderate Islamists in Londonstan. As the Muslim Council of Britain was holding a press conference to launch a guide for voters a group of young men stormed the area and completely disrupted the proceedings. According to the Guardian:

The protesters, who believe it is unIslamic to vote, pushed past a solitary security guard to disrupt the event at the Regent's Park mosque in central London, before denouncing the council as a "mouthpiece" for Tony Blair.


The council represents 600 groups and is avowedly moderate. It has been courted by Mr Blair, with the group's leaders having access to ministers to press their concerns.

Yesterday's incident was a vivid demonstration of the pressures on the council. It has to tread a fine line, trying to keep its credibility with British Muslim communities while influencing decision makers, and being a public face of Islam to white Britain instead of militants who are seen to give the religion a bad name.

Last year the council sent a delegation to Iraq to plead for the life of British hostage Ken Bigley. It was credited with softening the backlash against UK Muslims when he was murdered, but it was a move condemned by yesterday's protesters.

The Scotsman gives a slightly different account:

A group of chanting militants stormed a Muslim Council of Britain press conference today, condemning the organisation as “a mouthpiece” of Tony Blair and claiming that voting in the General Election goes against Islam.

There were chaotic scenes as a group of more than a dozen men, two of them masked, broke down the door of the library in the Central London Mosque in Regents Park.

The men who burst in said they represented the Saviour Sect, believed to contain former members of the disbanded al-Muhajiroun group and be headed by firebrand cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed.

As the group streamed into the meeting, one of the masked men shouted: “Kaffirs. MCB are dirty kaffirs.”

Another man yelled: “The MCB are a mouthpiece of the British Government of Tony Blair and George Bush.

“They don’t represent Islam. They don’t represent British Muslims.”

I had to look up the word kaffir, and this is what I found:

Q: Why are non-muslims referred as Kaffirs?

A: Kafir means one who rejects. ‘Kafir’ is derived from the word ‘kufr’, which means to conceal or to reject. In Islamic terminology, ‘Kafir’ means one who conceals or rejects the truth of Islam and a person who rejects Islam is in English called a ‘non-Muslim’.

If non-Muslims are hurt - they should accept Islam. If any non-Muslim considers the word ‘Kafir’ i.e. ‘non-Muslim’ as an abuse, he may choose to accept Islam and then we will stop referring to him as or call him a kafir i.e. a non-Muslim

That is it in a nut shell. Don’t want to be called a kaffir? Submit and convert. Don’t want to be stabbed to death in the street for your views? Submit and convert. Don’t want to be killed in the airplane you are flying in or have it slam into your workplace? Submit and convert. This is the only message the “radicals” have, and Eurabia may be starting to listen, at least some of it; but luckily, not all of it.

This is London, an amazingly wide ranging web site, is running a great piece today; they are not afraid to call the kettle black, the article is titled simply and directly “Fanatics want to convert entire world”’ here is am excerpt, but I highly recommend reading the whole article:

Banned in Germany and across the Middle East, Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Party of Liberation, is one of the most controversial - and also the strongest - Islamic groups in Britain today.

Hizb rejects the "corrupt society" of Britain and the West and, as George Galloway learned last night, even the most impeccable anti-war credentials are not enough to win its approval.

Its central belief is for a single Islamic state - a caliphate - which should start by uniting all Muslim countries, then embrace the entire world, including non-Islamic parts.

As Hizb's own website says: "The work of Hizb ut-Tahrir is to ... change the situation of the corrupt society so that it is transformed into an Islamic society."

Hizb "aims to bring back the Islamic guidance for mankind and to lead the Ummah (the Muslim community) into a struggle with Kufr (non-believing), its systems and its thoughts so that Islam encapsulates the world."

Hizb "aims to bring back the Islamic guidance for mankind and to lead the Ummah (the Muslim community) into a struggle with Kufr (non-believing), its systems and its thoughts so that Islam encapsulates the world."

There it is, in the open: protected speech & freedom of religion. The Mormons send people all over the world to preach their version of the Gospel. Let a Jehovah’s Witness into your living room and they might never leave (or so it seems). Not to mention the ubiquitous Moonies. Of course none of those groups has committed atrocious acts of international terrorism (but that Moonie chant is pretty damn annoying). So what is a civil society to do? That is the question that our British friends are going to have to answer, right quick. As if the above mentioned incident were not enough Expat Yank has a post about a fatwa in London.

Even more disturbing is the idea that some of the British politicians might be courting these groups as the “new oppressed.” From the indispensable MEMRI we get this tidbit:

Arab League Ambassador to Britain in Talk to Conservative MPs: 9/11 Was Not a Good Justification For Enmity Towards Arabs and Muslims; Israel's Hand in the Matter is Clear

The Ambassador, in this piece, hits the nail of British guilt squarely on the head in this speech, the first allusion to the Balfour Declaration I have seen in a long time, and oh so cleverly veiled:

"Had Britain encouraged education and the development of a true liberal democratic process in the Arab region, instead of combating any independence of thought, the Arab region would have today become an extension of the west, and things would have been very different today.

Britain and the rest of Europe are going to have to carefully monitor the groups that are operating within their borders. If there truly exists a moderate majority within Islam that believes in democracy, liberty and modernization of their religion they must find the will to take back their religion, and those politicians in power should do all they can to assist. The leaders of radical Islam have declared war, their goals are clear; they have no reservations in their tactics. From slamming planes into office buildings to voter intimidation they will not be stopped easily. Submit and convert. That is all they want- for the entire world.

Or else.

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