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Thursday, November 24, 2005
Recommended Reading
Marc Schulman, at American Future, has posted the first of three parts of an excellent collection and analysis of ten years worth of the New York Times' coverage of and stance on Saddam Hussein, Iraq and the war to free the latter from the former.

As Marc describes it:

This post, which covers the eight years of the Clinton administration, is the first of three that employ the Times’ editorials to trace and analyze the evolution of the newspaper’s position on Iraq. The second will cover the pre-invasion Bush administration, while the third will deal with the period from the fall of Baghdad to the present.

This timeline of editorials and articles should be required reading for both those who support and oppose the war in Iraq; especially those sitting in Washington trying to remember what lead us to the point we have reached today. As one commenter noted, it is "like watching time-lapse photography" of the evolution of not only one major media player's opinions on the subject, but also our policy towards the region.

Spend some time refreshing your memory on this subject, you won't be disappointed.

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