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Monday, November 07, 2005
Bring the troops home now!
How many times have you heard that refrain? Probably more than I have- being outside the U.S. does have certain advantages at times, and being far from Moonbat Central is one of them. What if President Bush decided, tomorrow, to give those who oppose the war exactly what they wanted, and he ordered our troops out of Iraq tomorrow. What would happen, what would be the consequences? That is the question I asked in my blogiversary project/challenge, and while I may have fallen behind in preparing my own answer (I'm going to try to post it later tonight) the same cannot be said of those who I invited to take up the question.

- Toni, over at The View From Tonka was the first to answer the call- she starts off strong and keeps on going- don't miss this one:

We've all seen what has been occurring in France over the last 12 days. Doesn't look pretty does it. Did France's anti-war stance help them at all with the Muslim citizens of it's country? I don't think so, pandering to a specific ethnic group accomplishes nothing for a politician.

This is what the anti-war left wants, to pander to Islamic Facists under the the guise of being either anti-war or their other mantra is to support the troops by bringing them home. Knowing that the anti-war left is mostly comprised of Socialist and Communist party members this slogan is absurd. What the anti-war left does support are murdering dictators and totalitarian regimes. The protesting of Code-Pink outside of Walter Reed Hospital demonstrates the shameful behavior of this group. All these groups want to do is use our Troops to advance their own causes.

- Marc Schulman at American Future has once again hit one out of the park with Iraq: Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat in which he envisions the President announcing our withdrawal in the State of the Union Address. The course he plots is chilling for the ease with whixh it could come to pass:

Faced with this clamor and fearful of losing control of Congress, Bush used his January 2006 State of the Union address to announce a change of course:

We have achieved our goals in Iraq. Last month, more than ten million Iraqis refused to be intimidated by the terrorists. Because of their bravery, Iraq now has a democratically-elected permanent government that will serve as a beacon of light for the oppressed peoples of the Middle East.

We have always said that our military would not stay in Iraq a day longer than necessary. With the establishment of a permanent government, that day has arrived. Before entering this Chamber, I signed an Executive Order establishing September 30 of this year as the last day that the United States will have military forces in Iraq.

(Standing ovation)

- We have a new entrant into this project- Gollios (a frequent contributor of e-mail info for me) who has sent me the following to be posted. Like Toni he draws a Vietnam comparison, but in contrast to Marc he predicts more casualties, not fewer, if we announce a withdrawal, and he expands the circle of nations influenced by a coalition withdrawal to include China. This is a long post, so I am hosting it at My Blog is Your Blog. Here is a great excerpt (please leave comments on this blog, not MBIB :

...Despite good-faith efforts by elements of the coalition-trained Iraqi army & central government, the regions would start to unravel. The Kurds, knowing that they can neither count on our support or respect restraints imposed by the US, would accelerate ethnic cleansing efforts aimed at eventual secession. Iran would be emboldened to act in the South, which possibly could lead to a Shia-Shia schism, making that area of the country progressively less governable. Some like to think of the Shia as monolithic--however the Arab/Persian divide would once again be thrust to the forefront, as would divisions between Sadrist and Al-Sistani backed militias. The big losers in some ways would be the Sunni. Without engagement by the U.S., Shia and Kurdish forces would not have to act with restraint...and quickly the Sunni-nationalists would find themselves overrun--and often slaughtered by their erstwhile Jihadist 'allies.'

- There is more to come on this topic, including a post by yours truly. Feel free to offer up your scenario, on your own blog, at My Blog is Your Blog or by e-mail to me- and don't forget the comments! All you readers of the Beltway Traffic Jam- I'm talking to you!

Dr. D

(End of post, for now.)

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