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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
The face we show the world.
I suppose it is quite obvious that I agree with the President and his administration more often than not- this is a Republican Underground blog after all- and that I tend to not have much in common with the American left. That is not for a lack of good, or even great, ideas from the left, however, but rather because of the extreme inability of the majority of folks on the left to have a rational debate, and their dedication to presenting their ideas in the most offensive manner. I realize that the examples I am about to cite are somewhat extreme, but where is the rational voice from the left saying "Wait a minute, we have some good ideas and these moonbats are interfering with our ability to communicate effectively?"

Case in point, the first:

Nation of Islam chief Minister Louis Farrakhan has expanded on his theory that New Orleans' levees were blown up during Hurricane Katrina, announcing Friday that divers working on the levee break have found evidence of explosives.

"These explosives are from the government side," he said during a press conference in Memphis held to promote his upcoming Million Man Anniversary March.

Case in point, the second: Bill Maher: Laura Bush Like 'Hitler's Dog'

Case in point, the third: (an eloquent excerpt follows)
fuck you the fucktard, you greedy gas gouging, country destroying, ignorant, lying son of a bitch! Fuck you x infinity

Case in point, the fourth through sixth (warning- female nudity):
Number Four, Number Five, Number Six

I could go on and on- but there is no need to. If you want more examples see this column by Dennis Prager (thanks for the tip, Peter).

Is it any wonder that I simply can't take the left seriously? Is it any further wonder that large chunks of the world are looking at America and saying "this is what democracy has to offer us?" (bet you didn't think was going to have a foreign relations tie in, did you?). Why is it that we can't have informed debate in this day and age, and why is that the left seems to have the larger share of loonies? Granted there were plenty of folks on the right that had it in for Clinton- but I never saw any of them take their clothes off, out an American flag on the ground after defacing it, then walk around and lie down on it. I remember a lot of speculation about Clinton lying and otherwise prevaricating, but never heard anyone blame him for all the troubles in the world.

Having said all of that, there are a number of things I take issue with when it comes to the President and the current administration. The first, and by far the largest, is the runaway spending that we have seen in recent years. I know that the present administration still plans to halve the deficit, and I'd love to see him do it. But he does not seem to be on track.

Next- the issue of the military taking the lead on natural disaster assistance. Why? Isn't the whole point of our republic that the states have all of the powers not expressly given to the federal government? When a state faces a disaster it cannot manage the leaders of that state can always call for federal help- and perhaps military personnel and equipment may be seconded to another agency to assist. I can see no reason, however, why the military should take the lead on these issues, that simply is not the purpose for which our military exists, and it smacks of the federal government imposing itself unbidden into the lives of American citizens. When we see the military of another country take the lead internally we usually start to talk about juntas, and/or a coup.

Why is it that I don't feel the urge to go berserk over these issues, and so much of the left does? Why is that the image we choose to project of ourselves to the world? Active dissent need not mean madness. Democracy is about allowing differences of opinion, it is largely about dissent, it is about the government serving the people, and the people reserving the right to change the government. I understand, and embrace the idea, that there will always be differences of opinion- that is what makes us a great country. What I don't understand is where, and when, democracy in America became defined as the right to be crude and crass, and when it became about shouting down opposing views, not debating them.

I have had many people (Americans and foreigners alike) ask me if being a diplomat under this administration is difficult, if supporting the policies of this President is somehow harder than the last, if the President is an embarrassment to me. I generally smile and tell them that I do not represent the President- I represent America and her people.

No one ever asks me if I am embarrassed by any of the people I represent.

And that is probably a good thing.

(End of post.)

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