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Saturday, June 11, 2005
Watch this space!
Smiley is in the process of packing out of his own Euro-post on his way to his next assignment, and I am about to take off for a week of sightseeing in the heartland. I've been away a long time and am looking forward to seeing a bit of the USA that I have never visited before. What does that mean for you? Well, most likely there will be nothing new posted on this site for the next week.

We hope you will click on a few of the links on our blogroll- be sure to keep an eye on American Future and Total Information Awareness as the continue the debate, and I expect The Reaction and Security Watchtower to join in on the debate at any moment as well, both are well written sites. Speakin g of the challenge, Michael in Taipei thinks this site is worth reading when thinking of the U.S. as hegemon.

For something different check out Fred on Everything, an excellent writer living the expat life in Mexico. A bit from his last column- A Continent of Clowns:

WASHINGTONN (AP) -- Bursting into tears, eighth-grader Anurag Kashyap of California became the U.S. spelling champ Thursday. Tied for second place were 11-year-old Samir Patel, who is home-schooled in Colleyville, Texas, and Aliya Deri, 13, a Pleasanton, California, student. Indian kids have won first place in five of the last seven years.

Might be there's a pattern here? Nah.

A friend in California has an Asia wife (which both he and I recommend), and so is among the few whites plugged into the state's Asian community. He reports that the Asians are contemptuous of whites. ("Lazy, not very smart.") The evidence supports them. They also believe that the chief aim of schooling in America is to coddle blacks and Latinos, which baffles them. Me too, but it isn't my problem.

If you don't find something to offend you on that site you did not read enough articles. I love that blog. Then there is the Waiter Rant, and of course Manolo For The Men , for our sartorially challenged readers. Finally, fellow traveler A Guy in Pajamas is home and posting again, so drop by and welcome him back.

We'll be back soon, feel free to drop us all the e-mail you want, and thanks again for reading.

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