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Thursday, June 02, 2005
To our visitors from the "other side":
I've noticied that the comments left here have taken a slightly different turn as of late- "Spit on the baby killers!" in response to my piece on Memorial Day post comes to mind. It seems that these comments are a response to our humble little blog being mentioned by the American Street and Jesus' General by way of a letter from "Bart"- apparently a soldier serving in Iraq.

While I can't say that I welcome the above mentioned comment, I do say welcome to those who followed a link here from those sites. I hope you enjoy the blog, and perhaps gain some knowledge into what makes us 101st Keyboarders tick.

Feel free to drop us a line, leave comments or submit a guest post. I've mentioned it before, I am not looking to run an echo chamber. Tell your friends, too. The honest exchange of ideas is a founding principle of our country, and we welcome an opportunity to engage in debate with those who may not agree with us. Let's just try to keep it at something beyond a ninth grade level, shall we?

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dé·marche 1) A course of action; a maneuver. 2) A diplomatic representation or protest 3) A statement or protest addressed by citizens to public authorities.

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To our visitors from the "other side":


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