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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
"The Challenge" revisited.
A few days ago I posted a challenge to the blogosphere:

We have e-mailed several of our fellow right-of-center bloggers and asked them to participate. Each of theses writers will then find and invite a blogger from the left with which to partner. Together the two will decide if they want to refine the topic any further, or if they want to keep it general. Each blogger will then produce an initial piece, aiming to release them at the same time so that neither initial offering is a rebuttal to the other. After the release of the first pieces each author will link to the other’s post and produce a rebuttal. The idea is not to simply deconstruct, or to “fisk” the other writer’s piece, but rather to examine the ideas offered and provide an honest evaluation and reply. This back and forth can go on as long as each pair wishes. We will host links to each debate as well, so that there is a central repository. Should a third (or beyond) blogger wish to contribute to the debate they would of course be welcome to do so- but the first two are under no obligation to respond.

Nearly every right of center blogger we contacted was game. So far only one from the left of center has accepted. If anyone out there knows a left leaning blog that might like to participate please have them e-mail me and I am sure I can match them up.

Here are the first two pieces from two outstanding bloggers:

American Future and Total Information Awareness

Enjoy, and hopefully there are more to come!

(End of post.)

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