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Sunday, March 13, 2005
A non-post.
Thanks to all and sundry for the good wishes for my trip home- I'm here, arrived a few days ago, safe if no longer sane. The human body (mine at least) was not made for intercontinental travel.

I am on a borrowed computer with a dial-up modem, so this will be short. I just read this article and had to share it:

Iraqi insurgents refine propaganda tactics on the Web

A quote:

The Iraqi insurgency appears to have mounted a full-scale propaganda war.
And while the methods are not new - most militant groups now rely on the Web to recruit new adherents - the recent flurry of propaganda from Iraq has a distinctly defensive sound.

The violence has not let up, but the relatively peaceful elections and the new movements toward democracy in other Arab countries appear to have had a dispiriting effect on the insurgents, terrorism analysts say.

"I think they feel they are losing the battle," said Rita Katz, director of the SITE Institute, an American nonprofit group that monitors Islamist websites and news operations. "They realize there will be a new government soon, and they seem very nervous about the future."

One can only hope. Nervous men become desperate men, and while desperate men are dangerous, they are more prone to mistakes.

(End of Non-Post- be back soon)

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