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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Hello, Congress?
Ok, I know this is a blog mostly about foreign policy (and occassionally about liquor). But I am still an American, and it's my God given right to bitch about two things: the government and sports. Today I get to address both at once.

Can anyone explain to me why Congress is even remotely intersted in steriod use in baseball? Oh right- "This is a national public health issue." How is this a national health issue, and why is it that "overweight" NFL players aren't? Repeat after me: this is a MLB issue, period. If anyone has to do anything about it (and I am not sure anyone does) it is Bud Selig. Does Congress really have nothing better to do?

To the Congress- stay out of baseball and all sports. If you really can't think of anything to do allow me to make a few suggestions:

1) Call each other to task for the ridiculous pork spending that goes on every year, and maybe balance the budget occassionally, on time.

2) Investigate the number and types of requests each Congressional office makes for visa assistance each year. Why on earth do our embassies have to have FAQs on the internet with questions like this:

Q: Will it help my application if I present a letter from my relative's U.S. Congressman or Senator?
A:Such letters will be considered, to the extent that they have a bearing on an applicant's qualification for a visa

3) If you really feel the need to police something look within and make it punishable by a fine every time a Member of Congress misses a vote.

Once you have all of that worked out let me know, I am sure we can find something else for you to do.

To the boys of summer: play ball, and if do juice at least be man enough to admit it. (END OF POST)

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