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Monday, March 28, 2005
Email Round Up.
Just back from the long weekend get away, I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as much as I did. It was very nice, only one anti-American dust up the whole time, and that a weak and semi-drunken one! Thanks to all who wrote in while we were away- a few good points came up that I'll try to get to either via posting or direct reply.

The most e-mailed bit concerned Ambassador Powell in Pakistan. I am sure you have all heard of this piece: How a Lone Diplomat Compromised the Hunt for Bin Laden Congressman Launches a Probe and Reaches the President. We'll have comment on that soon, hopefully tomorrow.

There were also a number of e-mails about the Kennan piece, I'll try to address those en masse in a post.

Finally, we received a press release for an online publication and blog called "America Is" by a Portugese writer. Here is are a few excerpts from the blog (from 2 posts):

New European Online Site Concentrates on Fresh View of America
LISBON, Portugal, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- A European online publisher wants to widen European perceptions of America with the launch of a new website that focuses only on America and American issues across all subjects.The first text `America' is the latest work of Portuguese writer and poet Paulo Jose Miranda and is written in 99 points ranging from one liners to fuller explanations.Miranda says: "In Europe, no matter what kind of education you have, when the subject America is brought up, suddenly all intelligence vanishes from the discourse."It is as if we in Europe lack a US chromosome. The text America is completely different. It perceives the greatness of America all along in its 99 points."
1. The duty of every American is to make America grow. And every one who makes America grow is American. In Europe, it doesn’t make sense for a citizen of a country to immigrate to Germany, for instance, and become German, but to come to America and become American makes total sense. Coming to America is in itself already being American. To come to is not to visit; those who come don’t go. America is not a natural country. It’s a created country; an invention of human beings. Since World War I, the story of the world is to come to America.

48. There is hope everywhere. But it definitely grows more in the fertile fields and cities of America. Of necessity, hope grows more where there are more dreams. Hope: that which isn’t pulling that which is; that which is still desired imposing on that which is already had. Hope prevents humankind from falling down from itself.

63. The life of America remains open if we forget to close the refrigerator. The life of America heats up food in two minutes. The life of America is heard from afar. The life of America is seen by all.

Sorry for the round up type post, but it was long travel filled weekend. Back tot he regular stuff tomorrow.

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