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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Reader participation time!
Dear readers:
Thanks for all the comments and e-mail. Earlier this week I got a great e-mail from "Rurik- the Poet Lariat" entitled "The international situation gets verse". He sent me a spoof on the UN set to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - it's posted below. This inspired me to see how creative our readership is. Here is the challenge: post a poem, song spoof, limerick, haiku whatever about the UN or any international affair or topic you like and we'll pick a winner. I can't really send out a prize, this being an anonymous site and all, but we'll figure out some way to reward the winner. The rules are as follows: it has to fit in a single comments space (i.e. 1000 characters or less) and has to be more or less profanity free, just use your own judgment. Contest ends on 28 February. Oh, and pUNs are acceptable too (sorry, couldn't resist).

The Twelve Days of Annanzaa

On the first day of Annanzaa the UN gave to me
A sniper in a palm tree.

On the second day of Annanzaa the UN gave to me
Two pseudo-doves
And a sniper in a palm tree.

Twelve Countries bumming
Eleven gripers griping
Ten spies a-peeping
Nine peace-keepers sleeping
Eight agencies milking
Seven inspectors skimming
Six commissioners preying
Five bribery rings
Four brawling Kurds
Three false friends
Two pseudo-doves
And a sniper in a palm tree.

- The Poet Lariat
If you think this is a lynching, it only gets verse.

End of post.

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