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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
From the mailbag.
A while back I blogged about the Navy reducing pilot slots. Thanks to an alert reader we present the following confirmation of that story.

Another reader sends this preview of the State of the Union Address.

From another reader e-mail:
Perhaps you might write about the impact of the Special Ops Cody toy (doll), the use of the retarded boy as a suicide bomber on Sunday, and the fake video tape that implied that the terrorists shot down the RAF transport airplane and how this might relate to the status of the terrorist forces in Iraq. Perhaps the terrorists are getting desperate? What next, will they kidnap the Ann Coulter action figure?
What can I add to that? I think this reader has pounded that nail straight in!

Mad Minerva reccomends this article: Howard Stands Up for Bush, and we reccomend Mad Minerva!

Send us mail, it makes us feel loved, and we might publish it here! Let us know if you want a credit, otherwise it will be anonymous- unless you are a moonbat and then we'll let everyone know who you are, just for the fun of it!

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