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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
The Bizzaro World Taliban
It’s official. The federal government of Germany has replaced the Taliban as the world’s leading anti-female government.

Faced with skyrocketing unemployment and an ever increasingly unsustainable socialist dole German authorities are desperate to reduce the welfare roles. Understandably they are requiring the unemployed to actively pursue employment, and if offered a job they have the choice of accepting or being dropped from the roles of eligible benefits recipients.

The law, it seems, is absolute however. It leaves no room for personal moral decisions- a young woman was sent by her local job center for an interview in a bar which turned out to be an opening for a prostitute. She declined the offer, and now the German government is threatening to cut her benefits.

From the article:

Under Germany's welfare reforms, any woman under 55 who has been out of work for more than a year can be forced to take an available job – including in the sex industry – or lose her unemployment benefit. Last month German unemployment rose for the 11th consecutive month to 4.5 million, taking the number out of work to its highest since reunification in 1990.

The government had considered making brothels an exception on moral grounds, but decided that it would be too difficult to distinguish them from bars. As a result, job centres must treat employers looking for a prostitute in the same way as those looking for a dental nurse.

It stands to reason than if this woman refuses to become a prostitute and the government cuts off her support she could face slow, painful death from starvation or the bitter German cold when she is forced out onto the streets. I admit that this is not likely, but it is possible. Almost makes death by stoning seem humane. But this is the EU- the bizarro world in so many ways.

I can easily envision a new breed of brothels turning up in Germany as a result of this. After all, the government will do your recruiting and you are assured of a supply of women under the age of 55. I am also curious to see if the EU will make this decision stick across the board- that is, will all member nations have to force their unemployed women into what is basically state sponsored sexual slavery to keep their deficits in line? After all, according to a German lawyer quoted in the article:

"Now that prostitution is no longer considered by the law to be immoral, there is really nothing but the goodwill of the job centres to stop them from pushing women into jobs they don't want to do."

The euros are never shy about voicing their opinions of morality in the US, mocking the Christian right and our openly religious President. If this is what “progressivism” and the new morality offers in place of a religious moral code I propose that America offer to accept any female refugees from Germany and perhaps the rest of the EU who wish to escape a life of government mandated sexual slavery. I can't wait to see the Trafficking in Persons report references to Germany this year.

(Tip of the mug for this story to Gleeful Extremist).


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