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Sunday, January 23, 2005
We've evolved!
I am unabashedly fascinated by The Truth Laid Bear's Ecosystem ranking of blogs on the net. The Daily Demarche recently "evolved" from Adorable Rodent to Marauding Marsupial- and we owe it to all of you who read this blog and link back to us. We experienced a huge jump in readership when Belmont Club linked to us twice last week, and of course we owe a large portion of our readership to Diplomad (both Mortal Humans on the ecosystem scale).

But we also want to thank some of the less heavily trafficked blogs out there who have linked to us, this is by no means all of them (click here to see them all) but rather a sample of some my favorites- if you are looking for something new to add to your daily reading give these a try:

A Guy in Pajamas
Why are all the good names gone?
Existential Crisis
ramblings of a news junkie

And thanks to those who are posting to My Blog is Your Blog- a half dozen excellent pieces have been posted there in the last few days- two of the best are Wanted: Human Shields & The Speech Misheard Round the World.

Smiley and I are really enjoying writing this blog, and love to get e-mails from you and to read your comments, so don't be shy and keep 'em coming. Thanks to all who read this site, leave a comment and link back to us.

End of post.

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dé·marche 1) A course of action; a maneuver. 2) A diplomatic representation or protest 3) A statement or protest addressed by citizens to public authorities.


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We've evolved!


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