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Monday, January 17, 2005
Two great reads for today.
I'll be taking the day off today to remember Dr. King on my own, away from the crushing Euro crowds in peace and solitude. If you are looking for something to read try these two places:

1. My Blog is Your Blog lives! The first posting (unsigned) is up, and it's a good one:

Iran: CFR Seminar on US policy options
The Council on Foreign Relations has just published the seminar transcript for Transition 2005: U.S. Policy Toward Iran, held in DC on Jan 12, 2005. The panel is comprised of some serious thinkers who take on the hard questions, resulting in very useful and informed debate on the policy options.

2. American Future has posted the following excellent analytical piece:

The Israeli-Palestinian Face-Off
A moment of truth is fast approaching in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Thus far, Palestinian President Abbas has still not indicated his willingness to use coercion against the militants who are attempting to delegitimize his government. On the Israeli side, Prime Minister Sharon, having earlier suspended communication with the Palestinian Authority (PA), has now authorized the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to fight fire with fire until Abbas does what he has thus far been unwilling to do.

If you have a chance today please give them both a look, we'll be back soon with more of the usual here on this site.

End of post.

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Two great reads for today.


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