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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Something totally different.
The Doctor is feeling world weary today, and so will refer to himself in the third person because it amuses him. To cheer himself up he'll be spending some time at James Hookers Bar and Grill, also known as 615 Songs. This is a great site that has been sending traffic to The Daily Demarche, and the Doctor has been getting his groove on there listening to the streaming music and mp3 files posted there.

Here is a little from the "About James Hooker" portion of the site:

James began working nightclubs during his 9th grade year. After high school, he lived first in Charleston, SC, then Charlotte, NC. In 1968, he moved to Memphis and started a long period of productive road and studio work. He was a member of the HI Rhythm Section at the old Royal Recording Studio, which was the home of HI Records. At HI, James recorded with: Willie Mitchell, Al Green, Ann Peebles, Otis Clay, O.V. Wright, Syl Johnson, Donald Bryant, Ace Cannon, and Bill Black's Combo. He took various road gigs while in Memphis, including Eddie Floyd and Al Green. It was with Floyd that he met and recorded with Jimi Hendrix in early 1970; this was before James changed his name from Brown to Hooker.

As if that is not enough he has also toured with Steve Winwood- twice! In addition to the music on the site he has some great photos and commentary about the songs.

So drop by and check out the tunes and pics. My personal faovrites are

Angel in Savannah
I Loved Dale Evans
Nightjar / Ain't Nobodys Blues

This is one of the kinds of music the Doc likes the most, and he hopes you like it too. If you like the music leave a comment for Mr. Hooker. If not, no harm done. Now excuse the Doctor as he heads to the "medicine chest" for a good drink of irish whiskey and gets his mojo back in shape.

End of post.

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