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Saturday, January 01, 2005
A Great New Resource
One of my favorite blogs, American Future, has added an excellent resource for all of us called, oddly enough, American Future Resources.

In the words of the author:

During the past three years, I've downloaded literally hundreds of articles from foreign policy journals. The best of them are now available to readers of this blog in a companion blog: AMERICAN FUTURE RESOURCES. The link to the new companion blog is at the top of the column to the right of this post.

To provide some ideological balance, most of the articles are from the World Policy Journal (left-of-center), Policy Review (right-of-center), and Foreign Affairs (somewhere in-between). All of us can learn something from authors with whom we disagree. There are no rants from either the extreme Left or the extreme Right.

Looks like there are some great articles archived there, and I am certain I'll be spending a lot of time reading through this excellent collection.

(Ignore the link below, you've reached the end of this piece.)

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