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Saturday, January 08, 2005
FBI Tsunami Disaster Relief Fraud Alert
First, the Iraq "What If" posts have been updated- click the link or scroll down the original post to see the new entry. I've been adding them to the same posting for continuity of the comments.

Now, I knew this was coming because I am a seriously jaded cynic when it comes to the basic goodness of mankind, but I am surprised at how long it took for the FBI to act. While I support small federal government, I think this is clearly "interstate commerce" and the Feds should find these bastards and send them to Indonesia with a stick with a nail on the end and a lifetime supply of garbage bags and assign them to beach cleaning duty until the job is done.

FBI Tsunami Disaster Relief Fraud Alert

Washington, D.C. - The FBI today is alerting the public to a variety of scams currently being facilitated online involving the solicitation of additional relief funds for the victims of the recent Tsunami disaster. The FBI, through the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), has received reports of websites being established purportedly to assist with collection and relief efforts. Complaints submitted to the IC3 have identified several schemes that involve both unsolicited in-coming emails (SPAM), as well as reports of responses to posted email addresses, to assist for a fee, in locating loved ones who may have been a victim of the disaster. A fraudulent relief donation website has also been detected containing an imbedded Trojan exploit which can infect the user's computer with a virus if accessed.

Click on the link above for the whole post on the FBI site.

If you want more details on the scumbags who would do this type of thing read these:

Give, But Give Wisely, to Tsunami Relief Efforts

Activists warn of tsunami-relief scams

Tsunami relief scams

Fraudulent Charities Use Tsunami Pleas To Prey on Donors

State to crack down on fraud relief fund-seekers (fraudulent claims for relief in India)

You get the picture. If you want to read more go to Google News and search: tsunami, fraud.

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FBI Tsunami Disaster Relief Fraud Alert


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