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Wednesday, December 29, 2004
Foreign Aid for Tsunami Victims
Cheese and Crackers is running a good piece about the foreign aid the world is sending to the countries devastated by the earthquake spawned tsunamis over the Christmas holiday (he also has a link to some amateur video of the waves coming in- amazing, scary stuff).

As usual America is giving the lion's share, and as usual we're being lionized.

Some of you may recall the series we ran on foreign aid here:

Can't Buy Me Love
Foreign Aid II-... First do no harm.
Foreign Aid III- Good money after bad.

I said then that we should always be prepared to give humanitarian aid, and in this case I think we can give more than the $15 million we've pledged. The difference between Jan Egeland and me is that I'm an American, these are my country's resources, and it is my right to call on my government to spend them. I want to see the U.N. push the E.U., as a body, to match the dollar contributions that we make to the world.

You've reached the end of this rant too, go see Cheese and Crackers.

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