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Thursday, December 02, 2004
Bloggers we want to thank:
In the last few days we have received a bunch of e-mails letting us know about other blogs that are talking about us, or blogrolling us, or better yet both! The blogroll list to the right is getting kind of long, so while we figure out how to best deal with it please drop in on these folks who are helping to support this blog (we have quoted a bit of their self-description/philosphy for each).

Please let us know if you see us mentioned someplace that we are not already linked too, whenever possible we like to return the favor!

The Sundries Shack- "open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week"

Cold Fury- "Harshing Your Mellow Since 9/01"

Power and Control - "My guru says the object of every adept ought to be Power and Control It is mine"

Mad Minerva- "Rants, raves, and random ruminations by an Asian American Ivy League grad student who really should be writing her dissertation instead."

Double Cannister at Ten Yards- " Give them shot! Give them shell! Damn them! Blog them with anything!"

Flight Pundit- "reach up and touch the face of God"

Urthshu- "Mark resides in Rochester, NY. He likes STUFF but not THINGS"

Marcvs The Bard's Tales- "A New Yorker wed to an Olde Yorkshire Lass. Traditional Catholic, Reaganite, Dittohead, Old School Gamer"

Cacciaguida- "Defending the 12th century since the 14th; blogging since the 21st"

too much truth to swallow - "just another insignificant VRWC Pajamahadeen"

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dé·marche 1) A course of action; a maneuver. 2) A diplomatic representation or protest 3) A statement or protest addressed by citizens to public authorities.

A blog by members of the State Department Republican Underground- conservative Foreign Service Officers serving overseas commenting on foreign policy and global reactions to America.
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Bloggers we want to thank:


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