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Sunday, November 21, 2004
What should we (Europe) ask of Bush II.2?
Reading The Guardian today I found an article (from last Thursday) by Timothy Garton Ash, with a byline of San Francisco. After a few paragraphs detailing how "everyone" he talks to (in San Francisco...) wants to move to New Zealand, or Canada, and quoting signs he has seen "Sorry World (we tried) - Half of America" he laments the next four years in typical Euro we're-not-anti-America-only-anti-Bush fashion. He goes on to end with "We are all blue Americans now. "

Following the article was a link to his website, which contained this gem of a discussion board: What Should we ask of BushII.2? Click on that link and see how the question morphs to what should we demand of Bush. The posts that follow are a mix of American and European responses. Some of the best are below.

And on and on and on.


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What should we (Europe) ask of Bush II.2?


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