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Monday, July 25, 2005
Link-O-Rama (or, too tired to blog)
After a long weekend in the car for a too short visit home for the wedding of my best friend from that ancient period known as "grade school" I am too tired for deep thoughts today. In light of that- here are some links worth exploring.

I am planning a post on the GAO report 21st Century Challenges Reexamining the Base of the Federal Government- an ambitious post on an ambitious paper:

The report is organized in three sections. The first section sets the stage by providing the rationale for reexamining the base of the federal government and the scope of GAO's effort. The second section is organized around 12 areas of federal activity and includes narratives discussing emerging changes in each area as well as several illustrative reexamination questions for each area. The third section provides some perspective on various strategies, processes, and approaches that should be considered as a possible means to address the issues and questions raised in this report.

The report is very sweeping, as you can imagine. I'll focus on the Homeland Security and International Challenges portions of the report, for those of you who like to read ahead.

As always, for a well written and thought out post from the other side of the aisle Irecommendd a trip over to Total Information Awareness where, among other things, Eric gloats and chortles over the Karl Rove issue that is lighting up the beltway.

American Future has a great weekend roundup of some of the British editorials responding to the latestattackss there, and Gandleman at The Moderate Voice has an excellent post on the British policy that suspected suicide bombers are to be shot in the head (mug tip to Barcepundit) that asks how we are to deal with the new risk of "friendly fire" in our cities- and he provides a good round up of opinions in answer to the question.

Finally, fellow FSO blogger Consul at Arms has a seemingly stream of consciousness post and linkfest of his own up, entitled "If Kerry was President...". If I could get away with it I'd print this one out and paper my office with it.

So, a hot cup of tea, a good night's sleep and then back to the salt mines, with a nice GAO report to fill the empty spaces- can't wait to see how the plan is going to shape up and fix the government in the next century.

(End of post, such that it is)

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Link-O-Rama (or, too tired to blog)


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