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Thursday, June 23, 2005
On The Road

I'd hoped to write a few more blog entries before I departed post, but a succession of farewell parties and housecleaning tasks has conspired against me on that score. Therefore I will leave you (for a while, at least) with today's offering and the advisory that blogging for me, as is the case with the good Doctor, will be sporadic over the next few weeks.

I'm finishing up my tour here, and the Smiley family soon will be winging its way back to the United States for some much needed home leave. I have great and wonderful plans for that period, and while it will be hard to say goodbye to good friends and to a tour that I've enjoyed, I am consoled by the fact that there is as much to be excited about in the future as there is to be sad about leaving behind.

The most exciting part in the immediate future concerns our plans for travelling around parts of the United States. First, however, we will head to my hometown, where my parents await. Smiley: the Next Generation (i.e. our child) was born overseas and has never been to the US. While my mother was able to make the trip out to see us after his birth, my father could not, so this will be the first time he is able to meet his only grandchild.

After that, we are taking a bit of a road trip, the mere thought of which makes my palms sweat with anticipation. We are going to see a beautiful swath of America, for it has been too long since I have been home. We are going to take inthe crisp, dry air of the Rockies; we are going to gaze into the stark sun and turquoise blue sky of the desert; we are going to smell the fragrant aroma of the sagebrush desolation as we feel the ruddy soil crunch beneath our feet. I am going to put my infant child on my shoulders; together we will face the ocean as we feel the crisp air of the Pacific on our faces and watch the waves end their long journey on the beach below us.

We will also put in an appearance in Washington DC, which is only natural, considering it is the hub around which our organization rotates. Doctor Demarche and I will meet up, if our schedules mesh, and if my shattered knee allows it, we may attempt a game of golf or two.

It will be nice to travel around our great land, sharing the experience with the rest of the family. It will also be nice to re-accquaint myself with the wonderful inhabitants who live there. I look forward to renewing old friendships and making new accquaintances on our journeys.

I will, of course, attempt to blog as much I can while travelling, but I hope our readers will forgive me if I am not able to get in front of a computer as much as they might like. Nonetheless, I believe that the break will do me a world of good, and I hope to be able to come back to blogging invigorated and refreshed. In the meantime, I wish the best to all our readers. Don't forget to check out our fellow FS bloggers (New Sisyphus, Consul at Arms) and the many other bloggers in our blogroll.

(End of post.)

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