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Thursday, February 03, 2005
The State of The Union
Sorry, but I am not blogging about that today. I though it was pretty good, not great, not awful. I've been reading about it all over the net, there's plenty of good stuff out there. I'm too far behind the time curve to compete today, so I'm offering some diversion from the politics.

Long before I became a Dr. (heh) I was a busboy/runner/waiter and before that it was dishwasher/prep cook/line cook. Sometimes I daydream about hanging up the pinstriped suit and going off to work in a brew pub, maybe in St. Louis since the BBQ is so good (sorry Smiley).

Then I go home and read blogs like these mentioned in the New York Times today.

You may never leave the house for food and drink again (warning- profanity abounds in some of these posts):

Waiter Rant- this might be my new favorite non-political blog. I loved "Therapeutic Jujitsu"

Bitter Waitress - click on "War Stories" and proceed with caution, or look for yourself or friends in "The Sh**ty Tipper Database".

Stained Apron- read "A Rant From the Bar"

If you like these try Kitchen Confidential, a great inside look at the restaurant biz in America.

Tomorrow it's back to our normal programming, promise. End of post.

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