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Saturday, February 05, 2005
Fare Thee Well, Fare Thee Well, We'll Miss You More Than Words Can Tell...

Darkness has descended over the blogosphere. The Diplomad is calling it quits.

Without getting overly emotional and letting tears stain our pinstripes, a word or two on the importance of the Diplomad is in order.

When I first sent the good Doctor a link to the Diplomad all those days ago, I had no idea that it would inspire him to create the Daily Demarche. But it did, and it is absolutely no exagerration to say that without the Diplomad, the Daily Demarche wouldn't exist. And that thought is enough to make me cry into my wine spritzer.

We were thrilled to see the Diplomad continue to rise in the ranks of TTLB's ecosystem. We enjoyed his/hers/its converage of the tsunami relief debacle. We admired the polemical essays on the site. The Diplomad is truly the primus inter pares of our movement.

We wish the Dipomad (and all his cohorts) the best as they continue to ply the muddy waters in the ship of State.

Awww, shucks, I promised myself I wasn't going to cry!

You've reached (sob) the end of this post (sob). Ignore the (sob) link below (sob).

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Fare Thee Well, Fare Thee Well, We'll Miss You More Than Words Can Tell...


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