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Sunday, November 28, 2004
In Requiem
Friends- while we were on vacation a terrible blow was struck to America's Diplomatic corp.

The list of names on the plaque in the Sate Department lobby honoring those who die in the line of duty just got longer.

Jim Mollen, senior advisor to the Iraqi ministers of Education and Higher Education, was gunned down in a car in Baghdad. Mollen was working to rebuild Iraq's 20 major universities and 40 technical institutes, research centers and colleges. His death is a reminder that there are many brave people, both military and civilian, who continue to risk their lives in Iraq. For those who continue to think that America's diplomats do nothing but wear pinstripes and sip cocktails, or try to subvert the American agenda, perhaps this event might serve as a small example to the contrary.

We did not know Jim Mollen, but we know many people like him, people who believe in freedom and liberty, and in helping to bring light to some of the darkest regions of the earth.

May he rest in peace.

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dé·marche 1) A course of action; a maneuver. 2) A diplomatic representation or protest 3) A statement or protest addressed by citizens to public authorities.


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