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Friday, November 05, 2004
Germany, tell us what you really think...
The Euro press has been in a frenzy since the election. Many of us here expected a more resigned Germany, a nation ready to face reality for the next four years. Seems we were wrong. This gem was put out as soon as it became clear who the winner (and loser) was.

Opinion: The World's Bush Dilemma
Will he be as divisive during his second term?

Americans have decided George Bush is the best man for the helm of the world's only superpower in these difficult times. While he may be the pick of US voters, the world, unfortunately, deserves better.

In a democracy, it has often been said, the people get the government they deserve. After a bitter and divisive election, America has handed George Bush the popular mandate for the presidency he failed to get four years ago. To many non-Americans, that means US voters have now accepted the man, as well as the consequences of his often extremely polarizing actions.

The United States may prefer Bush, but it's no secret most of the world's population would have rather seen John Kerry in the White House. Many around the globe had taken hope from Kerry's promise to move away from Bush's "arrogant" foreign policy. That hope is, of course, now gone.

Read the full article here.

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Germany, tell us what you really think...


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