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Monday, April 25, 2005
And Now For Something Completely Different.... Music
I’ve been working on a new post about some foreign affairs related material, but it won’t be ready tonight, and after putting out three fairly heavy posts on immigration, I’m ready for something a little light. So I offer our readers another temporary diversion, and I hope you play along in the comments section.

As readers of the Daily Demarche may know, we (sometimes) like diplomacy. We like foreign policy. We love America. We like skiing. We like scotch. We also both like music.

I got an iPod, and it is helping rekindle my love for music, which has long lain dormant. Right now I’ve been putting music from my cd’s and those I’ve borrowed from friends on my iPod, one of these days I’m going to go onto iTunes and get some more stuff. Anyway, I’m going to list what’s on my "On-The-Go" playlist in my iPod.

Readers are invited to share their own favorite iPod playlists, or if they don’t have an iPod, whatever they are listening to.

Here’s my list:

Mystifies Me Son Volt
Give Back The Key To My Heart Son Volt
One Angry Dwarf And Two Hundred Solemn Faces Ben Folds Five
Seven Wonders Nickel Creek
Blue Rondo A La Turk Dave Brubeck Quartet
Take Five Dave Brubeck Quartet
New Madrid Uncle Tupelo
Rachel’s Song James McMurtry
Pilgrims Widespread Panic
World Looking In Morcheeba
Trouble Ray La Montagne
Hannah Ray La Montagne
Jolene Ray La Montagne
Speak Nickel Creek
Friend Of The Devil Grateful Dead
Brother John Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Circle Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Late Night Radio David Gray
Fifteen Keys Uncle Tupelo

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And Now For Something Completely Different.... Music


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