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Friday, April 01, 2005
American Future Nears 50,000 Hits
Readers of these pages will know that we make no secret of our admiration for the works of others, including Marc Schulman's American Future. Marc, the author of this Daily Demarche guest post, is fast approaching the 50,000 hit mark, and has written this post to commemorate the affair, requesting feedback from his readers.

It was famously said of the rock group Velvet Underground that not a lot of people listened to them, but every one who did started a band -- that is how influential they were. Similarly, Marc's blog does not have the readership that it deserves, but those who do venture over to his site are exposed to commentary that is insightful, well thought out, and almost always right on the mark (pardon the pun).

Readers unfamiliar with Marc's work are encouraged to cruise over to his site and to make it a daily stop on their blog circuit. Those familiar with the site should do so as well.

We here at the Daily Demarche wish Marc all the best, and hope he gets to 100,000 hits soon.

End of post. Ignore the link below.

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American Future Nears 50,000 Hits


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